Thursday, September 12, 2013

Honeymoon Day 10

Fisgard Lighthouse - Looks like a painting!

Last day. Boo! We woke up late, almost noon, got ready and headed to lunch at John's Place. I had a lamb souvlaki wrap, Erin had a falafel wrap. Their bread was amazing too. After that we headed back to our room, and got the camera stuff ready then called for our car and headed to Fort Rodd Hill/Fisgard Lighthouse. We spent a good bit of time wandering around there, visiting the lighthouse and the batteries. 

Love the ultrawide angle lens

Looks like a miniature lighthouse

The ultrawide is not the most flattering for closeup portraiture

It's almost unfair how photogenic the lighthouse is

These monstrous (about 6ft) searchlights were operated from Fort Rodd Hill

We left from there, valeted the car and grabbed the rest of the stuff in the car so we could do a final pack up for our flight out early the next day. We went up to the room, had a snack then got ready to head out to Beacon Hill Park to view the 4th largest totem pole in the world (it was first when it was built) and the other sights around.

Not the totem pole we were looking for (this is outside the Royal BC museum)


I would say it was a great trip, we got pictures of peacocks, crows, herons, ducks and flowers. It was a beautiful park and really big (200+ acres according to the website).

I was actually prompted by another person taking photos to come over and take the following picture. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I think it actually turned out pretty well.


Great Blue Heron - never seen one at the top of a tree like this

There were crows all over the park

Water droplets

Black Squirrel - another first, though they're supposed to be common in Ohio

Strutting His Stuff

We wandered around, and were on the verge of giving up (or at least breaking down and asking someone if they knew where the totem pole was), when we finally spotted it. It would have been very embarrassing to ask someone with it easily in sight...

As we got closer, there was a familiar shape on top, and sure enough when I looked with my telephoto lens it was an eagle. So cool.

Eagle on top

Yep, it's real
We made our way towards the totem pole, and after a few wrong turns finally made our way there. By the time we got close, some crows had discovered the eagle on top and were harrassing it, so we got to see that. While we were watching that, we eventually got closer to the totem pole to take more pictures, but when we were closer we heard a barred owl in the woods and decided to venture towards it.

Around then the eagle flew off, unfortunately he flew in a direction where the trees obscured any chance I had of taking any pictures of him in flight. The owl called again and we wandered into the wooded area next to the totem pole, but unfortunately we were running out of time for our dinner reservation so we had to go. From there we headed back to our hotel and got ready for dinner at The Mint. I had chorizo naan pizza, Erin had spinach paneer. Yum. We then had a lemon tart for dessert. After our late dinner, it was time to head back to our room and pack. Sad times. We quickly packed then hit the hay.

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