Sunday, November 10, 2013

McConnell Springs

The (half) moon was out today

This weekend Erin and I headed to McConnell Springs. We had originally planned to head to Berea to try to catch some fall colors, but got a late start so decided to stay close since it's getting dark so soon now. McConnell is one of our favorite parks in the area, it's convenient, there's a good chance of spotting wildlife and the boils are always interesting. Today the boils weren't terribly impressive, though not the weakest we've seen either.

Color was in abundance thanks to me


Our search for color wasn't a complete failure. The reds still seemed to be going strong.

Before we left, we saw a great blue heron in the marsh area. This is twice we've seen one here, so we think that it might live here. Today it was fishing.


Got one!


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